Keeping up with things

The web (in case you hadn’t noticed) moves very fast. One of the reasons I enjoy my work so much is that I have the opportunity to experiment & learn new stuff every day.

At the moment I’m throwing myself into learning about & developing with HTML5 and doing lots of cool stuff with jQuery. I am total jQuery fan boy & not ashamed to admit it!

With all this new stuff to learn it’s to occasionally take time out to rub shoulders with your fellow geeks, and the best place to that is very often at a conference.

This year both the conferences I’m planning to attend are in Brighton, which is excellent news for me as I live just along the coast.

On the 4th of September I’ll be at the Brighton Dome for dConstruct which judging by the line up of speakers will be another great day.

In November it’s Full Frontal, which as well as being a brilliant name for a conference looks like being the best event for front end developers in Brighton (and possibly the UK) this year. Rem has done an awesome job in getting together a cast of Javascript A-listers & I’m looking forward to hearing what they all have to say.

I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot of new stuff at both of these events, both at the actual conference & at the various pre and post parties. And who knows, I may even be able to pass on a few tips myself.

Are you going to either event? If so, let me know & I’ll look out for you on the day. I’ll more than likely be tweeting throughout the day on my personal account.

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